WIP Monday

1. Hubby’s socks

So instead of working on these like I should have, I cast on this:

2. Rainbow scarf

No intended recipient- just knitting. I was knitting happily on this one while we were out and about until I realized that I had left the white at home. Hmm… So I put it on waste yarn and cast on this:

3. Diagonal Lace Scarf #2

This one is for my mother-in-law, who is apparently a huge University of Tennessee fan, so she probably wouldn’t mind getting an eye-searing orange scarf. But- as I’m supposed to knit her something for Christmas- this is it. So I am in fact doing Christmas knitting. It looks like crap right now, but that’s usual for this scarf. It shapes right up once it’s off the needles and blocked.

In other news, I have fixed this:

4. Dad’s Blanket
I am on row 14 of the chart. And I forgot to bring it along, so I could get a picture of it. Sorry about that.
And on the back burner, waiting for me to finish something is:
The DC Frankenmonster MKAL
and the sleeves of my cable hoodie.

I also have to make a child’s necklace sometime this week. All pink, or pink and red was requested. This should be a quickie project, so I’m not worried.

And as always happens when I knit in public- a blanket has been requested (with no deadline) by a very TALL, very beloved person at my church. He and his family are awesome. They are always ready with a hug and a kind word, they love our baked goods, and all of them are knitworthy. So he gets a blanket. I asked him what color, and he said whatever color(s) I want to make it. Wow. That’s free reign to do WHATEVER I WANT!

Word Count Monday

I am currently at 14,375, which is above the anticipated goal of 13,336. My plot is kind of fizzling, though; so I have moved on to something else, until inspiration strikes.