I have tons to do today. Apparently knitting/blogging inspiration has struck. I will try to space them out, so I don’t bombard you with all my thoughts at once, but I have to write a review, do some FO spotlights, speak on misogyny, and drool at Knit Pick’s sale that started today! Seriously- bookmark this page and visit it EVERY DAY this week.

Without further adieu- let’s visit my counts:

NaNoWriMo: 25,361. I am on target as of last night. We are at the halfway mark, and I’m just slightly over halfway!

NaKNITmo: 13,341 stitches as of yesterday. My goal is 25,740 stitches, so I am a little over halfway here, too. I’m pretty sure some of my earlier counts were off, as I count by ridges (# of ridges x number of stitches in a row), and I didn’t double that number (since one ridge equals two rows). But- I’m not sure WHICH of my early numbers wasn’t doubled, so it’s safer to leave it as is.

And to those who want to know why I wasn’t using my counter ring- it’s because I need MORE rings. I had four projects going, and one counter. So I use that solely for my dad’s blanket. All the others- I just have to mark where I started, and count when I’m done for that session.

And now the WIPs:

1. Dad’s Blanket
Didn’t work on this one this weekend. I was busy finishing TWO SCARVES. Woot!!!!

2. Cable Braided Necklace
This is an interesting little project. You knit two separate stockinette tubes (with yarn over holes spaced appropriately), then you braid them through each other to create a nifty looking necklace. This one will look like this:

Except the one I’m working on is pink and red. A kid at church asked me to knit her a necklace (and chose the colors), so this will be that. I’ve finished the pink strip, and I’m midway through the red one. I thought this would be a quick little 1 1/2 hour project, but it’s going to be about four hours after it’s done. Either I don’t knit as fast as the designer, or she lied about the time it takes.

3. Hubby’s socks

I DID work on these this weekend! A whole six rows! I’m still not at the heel. I have about an inch more to knit, before I can start turning the heel.

That’s all for now! Knit on!