I hate this time of the year in the U.S. Not because I’m depressed or I don’t like family, but because every single store seems to be having a sale. You get thousands of emails. Sale this and Sale that, and 30% off this. It’s annoying. And the worst of the influx starts right after Halloween.

There’s the Veteran’s Day sales.
Then the Pre-Black Friday sales.
Then the Black Friday sales.
Then the Small Business Saturday sales.
Then the Black Friday WEEKEND sales.
Then the pre-Cyber Monday sales.
Then the Cyber Monday sales.


Right now- we’re on the Cyber WEEK sales.
By this weekend, we’ll be in the Hanukkah and Pre-Christmas sales.


By the time they shut up about the After Christmas Sales, it will be time to bug you about the jewelry and candy for Valentine’s Day.


I’m trying to remember a month without sales. Probably April. By the time they stop reminding you about Easter- you have about a month until Memorial Day. Oh wait- there’s the Tax Day sales. But after that- you just have the bars and restaurants advertising Cinco de Mayo. Then there’s Mother’s Day. Then you’re good till Memorial Day. June is Father’s Day, and after that is the Independence Day sales. And then there’s the Christmas in July sales.


August is mostly quiet, until you get near Labor Day. Then there’s more sales for that. October is Columbus Day sales, and party stores hawking “sexy costumes” for Halloween. And we’ve come full circle.


I hate how “retail” holidays have become. It’s really just an excuse to sell you things you don’t really need. There. Ranting is done.