I don’t like to do resolutions for the New Year, but I do have flexible goals.

1. To finish Hubby’s second pair of socks.
2. To finish dad’s blanket (it was originally due by Christmas, but it turned out too small, so will need to make another one and graft them together. I was tempted to make the deadline his birthday (February), but that is far too close for my comfort. So it will be due when I finish it. And if I have to get him something else for his birthday- so be it.)
3. Knit 5 garments this year.
4. Learn to sew (on a machine) and make at least 2 items I would be proud to wear in public (And I’m not talking about the ‘I-made-this’ kind of proud. I’m talking the ‘I-can’t-believe-it came-out-THISGOOD‘ kind of proud.)

And to aggravate supplement these goals, I have also done the following:
a. Paid for classes at Stitches South. This means I will actually be attending this year, not just visiting the market!!!
b. Signed up for a Birthday Game with Knitting In France. Which means during my birthday month, I will receive lots of fabulous goodies (which may or may not be crafted), just for being me. 😀 (It also technically means that I will need to SEND stuff during other months, but let’s not focus on that.)
c. Received a beginner’s sewing machine from my mother-in-law (it was a Christmas gift).
d. Borrowed (permanently) a Sewing Workshop book from my mother. (Seriously- I’ve had it for over a year already. She’s not getting it back.)

Also- my husband keeps volunteering me for stuff. Sometimes accidentally. The confidence in my abilities is awesome, but slow down, dear. There are only so many hours in the day.

I will probably also need to sign up for Sewing classes at some point. I’m just hoping my pilfered sewing book (and CreativeBug) will get me through some of the heavy beginner lifting.