As I want to knit 5 tops (of some sort) for myself this year (and 1 hoodie for Hubby), the following is a list of definites and possibles.


1. Flax (FREE)

This one has already been started.  I am knitting the collar.  I’ll need to get more yarn, but I can make a dent on it before I have to head to the store…

2. Cozy Cable Hooded Cardigan (FREE)

This one is done in pieces, so it may end up being the homework for my Stitches South class on Finishing.

3. Hoodie (FREE)

For the Hubby! 🙂



1. Kyoto (PAID- book)

This was actually earmarked back in 2009 to be my first sweater.  I even started it, knitting from the bottom up.  Until I realized that the instructions have you knit like six pieces, and then seam them together.  So I frogged it and moved on. I still want to do this, though.  But with as few pieces as possible.  And to put some sweater below that sash.  It rides high.

2. Tierra (FREE)

Look at those cables!  This looks fantastically fun.

3. Interlocking Cables (FREE)

How is this a free pattern? That looks fantastically complicated, and very sophisticated.  I may need to modify, though. I’m not a huge fan of off-the-shoulder items. They make me feel naked in public.

4. Laure (PAID)

That asymmetrical zipper just calls to me.  So much in fact that I already bought the pattern.

5. Weasley Sweater (FREE)

Doesn’t every Harry Potter fan need a Weasley Sweater?  I think so!

6. Knit T-Shirt (FREE)

I really dig Purl Soho patterns.  And with my reluctance to keep buying slogan tees- this may be right up my alley.

7. Chevron Summer Tank (PAID)

Simply gorgeous!

8. Driftwood Tee (PAID)

That side panel is nice!

9. Bamboo Shell (FREE)

Oh, and look- I have two balls of Bendigo Woollen Mills’ Hot Bamboo in a nice purple.  This may be what that yarn has been wanting to become… (Of course- I’d have to grab like two more balls, but that’s just a trifling detail…)

10. Incan Pullover (PAID – magazine)

I have wanted to make this, ever since I first saw the magazine.  In fact- I accidentally bought two copies of this magazine, because I loved the pullover sooo much.  Whoops.


There are (of course) lots more tops I like (107 in my favorites), but I think these are most likely to be finalists for my Year of Clothing.