So I went to Hobby Lobby last night. The intention was to pick up some Red Heart Soft to continue my sweater.

I immediately was sidetracked. The Tuesday Morning they were installing NEXT to Hobby Lobby was already open. So I HAD to visit. For those of you who do not have a Tuesday Morning near you (or simply never visited), it is an overstock store. They buy item surpluses from other department stores, or items that simply did not move as well as the store thought. And as the name implies- those shipments come in on TUESDAY MORNING. Catchy name, right? I knew you’d like it.

I passed the normal furniture/bedding items. I paused at the food items, but had enough restraint to leave the Tortuga cooking sauces alone. I also paused at the electronics, but I mostly don’t trust non-brand charging cords. I just don’t want to take that chance. I petted all the stuffed animals, but none reallly needed to come home with me, so that left the craft aisle. There are other Tuesday Mornings around town, so I knew they’d have yarn. Normally it’s of the ribbon/fun fur variety, but occasionally you find something good. There were a few 100% Merino wool yarns, but nothing in a color that didn’t look like clown vomit, so I was safe… until I found the books. There were several crochet books (which I can’t do), several quilting books (which is interesting to me, but not enough to try), and several knitting books (oh, crap).

I bought:

Knitted Animal Hats
Original price: $21.95
TM price: $6.99

I first thought this one was going to be a dud. Only one size is listed in the pattern details, but it’s actually a size RANGE. And the author usually does the smaller end of the rage and then the larger end. With two sizes- I can figure out how to make that cute little thing MY SIZE. (–insert evil laughter–)

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume 2: Cables
Original price: $29.95
TM price: $9.99

I love stitch patterns. They let me break out of a designer’s pattern. Or- I can substitute a stitch pattern I like for one I love. I am one book short of having ALL of Barbara Walker’s Treasury books. This is my first Vogue Stitchionary, but I have an Edges book I love.

And I also bought a reuseable shopping bag. I love reuseable bags! They are my go-to knitting bags. They are usually under $2, they last for several months, and they don’t usually mind being poked by a stray needle or two.

Don’t mind the Google- he’s just my work buddy. 🙂


I did finally make it to Hobby Lobby. They have Red Heart yarns, but have phased out the Red Heart Soft (in favor of their own House Brand), so I was out of luck. I did grab a gold I Love This Yarn which I think will work for Hubby’s Doctor Who scarf (I’m only missing gold). I’ll need to wander over to Jo-Ann’s at some point and see if they have what I need to continue my sweater (or if I need to place an order online). I’m not in dire need, but I am about to switch to the last ball I own, so I will need to go this weekend, if I don’t go today.