I finished the mystery swap project, and I have 90% of the goodies that will be mailed with it. I just need some edible goodies and off it will go. If you’re stalking my Ravelry projects and you just NEED TO KNOW what it looks like- you can find pictures of it under Jack’s jar of dirt. 😀

What’s on my needles:


1. Scrap Blanket
Squares 3 and 4 completed:

It will start looking more blanket-like, once I get more rows. I have decided to make it around 3/4ths size (or 48 inches by 75 inches). So I will need two more squares for the width (for a total of 54 inches wide), and then I can start building the length. I estimate that I will need a total of nine rows, so I will need a total of 54 squares. And a border.

2. Stitches South Class Swatches


I plan to make about 7 more of these in different styles. Probably a few stockinette ones so I can get a handle on seaming fabric that rolls…

And the usual suspects:

3. Hubby socks

4. Flax sweater