I can go ahead and do this, because I don’t plan to buy any more yarn until Stitches South.  And that’s the very first day of April. 🙂


Yardage knitted:
1,020 yards on Season’s Change
268 yards on Garden Rows


Yarn bought:
4 skeins of Landscapes = 147 yards x 4
2 skeins of Caron One Pound = 812 yards x 2

The One Pounders have a purpose. I still have yet to get to a blanket that some friends want, so I thought this would maybe get me in gear. The Landscapes were bought to keep my valid status in the JoAnn’s world of sending coupons. You don’t know how many times those have stopped coming because I didn’t buy anything…


Yardage Knitted: 1,288
Yardage Bought: 2,212
Money Spent: $32.00


Year to Date:
Yardage Knitted: 3,617
Yardage BOUGHT: 4,894
Money Spent: $130.38