How to calculate your own stash (on Ravelry):

1. If you have not already done this, go to your Projects page and go to Organize tab.

2. Click the Create A New Set button.

3. Name that new set 2015, and click create.

4. Then on the right-hand side- go to each project you completed in 2015, and click the drop down arrow under the Set column. Choose 2015 for each project you completed in 2015.

5. Once complete- click on the 2015 TAB and scroll down to the bottom. It will tell you how many projects you completed, and how much yarn you used that year. I used 13,108 yards last year.

6. Now comes the hard part. Hopefully you have catalogued all your yarn in your Ravelry stash. If not- you need to do that, before you can complete the second part. If all your yarn is catalogued- you will need a calculator.

7. Under each entry in your Ravelry stash is the estimate of how many yards you have left.

8. Add up the yardage left for each entry. I currently have a total of 16,594 yards in my stash.

9. Now- divide your current stash yardage by how much yarn you used last year. 16,594/13,108 = 1.26594.  That’s 1 total year and .26 years left. Which is a little over three months. (.25 is one fourth. And a fourth of a year is 3 months.)

So I have one year and a little over three months of stash.


Please keep in mind that everyone knits different things, and knits at a different rate than you do.  So your year’s worth of stash can be drastically different than another person’s year.