What’s on my needles:

1. Scrap Blanket

As many of you know- my workplace is my usual photography spot. Well- I’m having the interesting problem of not having ENOUGH room for this scrap blanket. Already. So it’s a little scrunched up, but you can see the progress.

It’s as wide as it’s going to be (minus the border), and there is a red and yellow square hiding under that grey/purple one in the lower right hand corner. That’s six squares across, and at 9 inches a square- this blanket is 54 inches wide. I’m working on the third square of the second row, so I have eight squares completed. 46 more to go.

2. Stitches South Class Swatches

Second swatch is finished. And it’s oddly like an inch bigger and wider than the first one. Even though I used the same needles, same yarn, and cast on the same number of stitches. Weird. Hubby said I was probably knitting on the tapered end of my needles for the first one. Probably. And I always scold my students about doing that…

Need to get moving on these, though – I need at least eight by Friday morning.


3. Hubby socks

4. Flax Sweater