(I love to start conversations like that. I know it drives some people crazy, but it’s one of my quirks. Just twitch quietly to yourself.)

My dad is having surgery tomorrow. I won’t say what kind of surgery, because I know he’s a very private person. (Plus- my relatives have already told everyone they know, so half of you probably already know.) So if you’re the praying type- please include my dad in them. If you’re not the praying type- sending general good vibes our way would be welcome as well.

(Oh- Mommytwo- if you want to know, I’ll tell you. Just poke me on FB.)

I’ve been pondering what projects I’m going to take with me to keep me occupied while I wait. I’ll probably just end up strolling in with a huge bag of yarn, so I don’t have to decide. I can just cast-on whatever I want. And yes- this will be an exception to my four projects rule. Tomorrow (and this weekend) the goal is to do whatever it takes to keep me semi-sane.