Yardage knitted:
218 yards on Charity Scarf
246 yards on Hubby socks

Yarn bought:
1 skein of A Hundred Ravens Danu in Night Wind colorway = 240 yards
2 skeins of A Hundred Ravens Aesir in Starry Night colorway = 548 yards

All three skeins were bought at Stitches South (which reminds me- I need to talk about the classes I took), and I consider myself to be fairly restrained, considering all the yarn fumes wafting around in the Stitches Market…



Yardage Knitted: 464
Yardage Bought: 788
Money Spent: $90

Year to Date:
Yardage Knitted: 4,081
Yardage BOUGHT: 5,682
Money Spent: $220.38