Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday for all you U.S. peoples who haven’t noticed yet.

I wish I could knit my mom something. I’ve had this irrational need to knit her SOMETHING, since I moved back to the same state. Not sure why. But I can’t. Mom doesn’t do knitwear and wouldn’t appreciate the thought or the time behind it.

I wish she was easier to shop for. I hate giving her coffee (or coffee-related things) each year, because that’s what I know she likes. I also wish the coffee she REALLY likes were not discontinued. (I’d buy her an ample supply every year, if I could… which would negate that whole hating to give her coffee every year…)

Some days I wish I could just give her a gift card to somewhere. But I can’t. Gift cards are cheating.

And you can’t really count on her loving the same restaurant she loved last year. *sigh*  And I can’t make her anything food-related, because she wouldn’t eat it. (I CAN cook, but she’s not really into food.  She eats to live, not the other way around.  Coffee is the only thing I’ve ever seen her truly enjoy, and even then- she’s picky about her coffee.)

I do love my mother, but again- she’s hard to shop for. And any of that traditional stuff (you know- all the stuff they *claim* she’ll love on TV and radio commercials) will probably get me shot.