So. I was recently gifted some yarn in a Ravelry swap.

Berroco Karma


Two skeins in the Ultramarine Violet colorway

It’s a bulky ribbon yarn. 100% cotton.

So I decided to make something from it. And ended up running out of yarn. 66 yard skeins are not as much as you think they are. I needed two more skeins to complete my project. And joy of joys – the yarn is discontinued. *sigh*

So I decided to surf Ravelry and see if anyone was selling that particular colorway. I wasn’t concerned with dye lots, as this yarn is semi-solid to begin with. No one was selling my colorway.


So I thought… maybe I can just finish the project with regular yarn, but my brain said no. So I searched for a similar yarn in various Big Box craft stores. A bit of luck at Michael’s, but that ribbon yarn was an absurd 30 yards a skein, so would cost twice as much to buy four skeins of the replacement. My brain said no.

So I started searching the internet. And I found one site that had them.


So I ordered two skeins and finished the project. It’s very lovely.

And I’m currently a little annoyed that the yarn I ordered at regular price on the 6th… is now on sale for half price. *grumble grumble*

But- if you have any yarns you’re despairing about that are discontinued- you may want to try LoveKnitting and see if they have what you need.