First- a sneak peak at the birthday project I finished over the weeked:

It is NOT a scarf. Muahahahahahaha!

It will be winging it’s way to it’s recipient at the end of the month. After she gets the package- then I will reveal what it is.

Now- what’s on my needles!

1. Framed (scarf/shawl)

I’m really loving the way this is working up. I’m six rows shy of being halfway. However- I get the feeling that this will not be for me. So I will need to find a worthy recipient once it is finished.

2. Crochet Bag

I worked a few rows on this one.

3. Travelling Monster 2016

Those pesky legs just will not knit themselves! *sigh*

4. Miter-y Blanket

I’m not going to make the deadline for this one. I’m supposed to have this half of the blanket done by the end of the month. I’ll be lucky to complete this side by then. We’ll see.

5. Flax Sweater


Scrap Blanket

I predict that I’ll finish Framed first, as it’s just a joy to knit. Then I may get around to finishing the legs on my monster…