Sorry for the delay- we had another appointment with my Dad yesterday. Basically- we’re not getting rid of him any time soon. Our poor cat will be soo devastated. Shadow doesn’t hate Daddy, but he wants him OUT of his spot. Oddly enough- it only became his spot a day or two before we acquired the new house guest…

In other news- I’m apparently on a quest to knit washcloths. I have made two:

I found the cotton for them at Tuesday Morning.

I have more cotton coming from Knit Picks. It should arrive today.

And now- onto the WIPs!

1. Flax Sweater

I have switched colors. I have about five more inches before I can bind off the body and start the sleeves.

2. Framed (scarf/shawl)

I’m still loving this pattern/yarn combination. I’m about 70% finished with this one.

3. Travelling Monster 2016

Didn’t work on this one this week. She still needs legs.

4. Miter-y Blanket

I’m almost done with the let wing. Not going to make the end of the month deadline, though…

5. Crochet Bag

No progress on this one this week


Scrap Blanket