Day 13: Do you have yarn that you love but can’t find a project for?

Yes and no. Most of my yarn is not yet dedicated to a project, but there seems to be a hierarchy to most of it. Normal acrylic every day yarn (usually from a Big Box store) does not normally get picky about what I use it in. It pretty much bends to my will.

Anything I get from A Hundred Ravens has to be petted for AT LEAST a few months, before it will tell me what it wants to be. I can’t force it. Once it feels adequately loved, then it will purr in my ear and become something. I have two skeins of Starry Night that I bought at the beginning of April.

They haven’t had the right amount of petting yet, so they haven’t spoken to me yet.

And then there’s this yarn:

It doesn’t want to be an infinity scarf. I don’t know WHAT it wants to be.