Day 15: What was your least favorite pattern and why?

There are patterns that other people say are bad. There are patterns I’ve even looked at, and decided not to knit up, based on the confusing directions. But one pattern I actually started and absolutely did not like was Kyoto by Karen Stockton. This pattern is unnecessarily complicated, in my opinion. This sucker is knit in six pieces. Each sleeve, the front right, the front left, the back, and the sash. Why? WHY?!?

All you REALLY need to do, is knit it top down. Sure there is some math involved in the overlaping fronts (I suspect you would just need a rapid set of increases), but it CAN be done without too much trouble. Then as soon as you get them overlapped as much as you want- 3-needle the two fronts together, and then knit the sash. Done. Problem solved.

Of course… my aversion to this pattern may simply be my aversion to Finishing, but you know- whatever. 🙂