Day 16: Have you ever had a knitting related injury?

No, although if I knit all day- my fingers will get tired. So I try to change it up, and not knit for more than three hours at one time, or for more than five hours a day.

Day 17: Have you ever had a project that you loved become ruined? What’s the story behind it?

YES. The blanket I knit for Hubby’s aunt. Father’s Day was fast approaching last year, and I wanted to finish the blanket I was knitting for Hubby’s dad. So I took it everywhere and took every spare moment to knit on it. One weekend we visited Hubby’s aunt, and she saw me knitting on that blanket. And she wanted one. And someone volunteered me to make one for her in her favorite color (purple).

So I started her blanket. But every single time she called Hubby, she would remark about how much she was looking forward to it, and that we could give it to her the next time we saw her. In a month’s time. (*alarmed look*) But I tried valiantly to finish it in that deadline. So much so, that it was the only thing I knitted on for a solid three weeks. I’m not a monogamous knitter. I CANNOT knit on just one project for three solid weeks! To me- that’s like eating the same thing every day, for every MEAL of the day, for three weeks. I just can’t do it.

I broke. I worked on any and everything else for that last week before we went to visit her. I just couldn’t look at it anymore.

(This is how much was done by the time we went to visit her again.)

I showed it to her and worked on it some that weekend. She was disappointed at first, but the anticipation was still great. We ended up having to mail it to her (3 weeks later). She LOVES it, and probably doesn’t use it, because it’s too pretty.