Day 28: Do you do any other crafts besides knitting? What are they, and did learning to knit come before or after learning these other crafts?

I can make candles and soaps. Those came before. I made a whole bunch of candles, and then stopped. And my supplies did not make the move back to Tennessee, so I would have to buy everything I need again.

I learned to crochet this year, so I can add that to the list.

I make stitch markers off and on. I have a pretty decent bead collection, so I do that whenever the mood strikes me.

I hope to learn how to sew this year. I can already hand sew, but that takes so long, and I just don’t have the patience to do a whole garment by hand. (Ironically- if I want to do the embroidery things I have in mind- the majority of that will be by hand.) I have the machine and a few books, I was just waiting on the move to have a place to set up.