This is Shadow.

Shadow HATES moving, too.

Here’s how my weekend went:

-Management company is late getting to the office.
-Lease is not ready to be signed, because they are missing things and never told us they needed them.
-We scramble to get the missing things, including confirmation that the renter’s insurance had our new address.
-They don’t want to take our renter’s insurance, because they’ve partnered with a new company and they “told everyone during lease renewal time”.
Umm… we renew in November, so we have not been told yet. We are moving NOW so we have a place for my dad.
“Well… we’ll accept the old insurance for now, but you’ll have to switch over when it comes time to renew it.”
Fine. Whatever.

So we were SUPPOSED to get the keys to the new place at 9 am, which would give us plenty of time to get Shadow in the new place and let him walk around, before the movers got there at 11 am. Yeah. We got the keys at 11 am, had to throw poor Shadow in a bathroom (he was yowling) with some water and food, and meet the movers (who thankfully were late). Oh, and did I mention that this is a week later than planned, because the previous tenants had fleas, so they had to replace the carpet and get the pest control guys in to bomb the place?

Friday afternoon
So the movers move all the big stuff, and anything we can fit in a plastic tote. The movers are awesome. After they left, we opened the door to let poor Shadow out and relaxed a little. Shadow decided to camp out in our bathroom cabinets.

Friday evening
Storms. Great, big, make-the-power-go-out-a-couple-of-times type storms. Add the fear of storms on top of an already grumpy cat, and the yowling starts back. Plus- we had to kick him out of our bathroom cabinet, because we need to sleep and he wouldn’t have let us. So he camps out in the kitchen cabinet. At least the yowling stopped.

Saturday morning
Shadow will not come out of the kitchen cabinets, which is fine. (The first time we moved- he spent almost two days under the bed.) We check on him frequently, while moving more of the small stuff. He is annoyed by the interruptions.

Saturday afternoon
Shadow ventures out of the cabinets to go to the bathroom. He will come to us, if we’re close to the kitchen, but he’s still angry about it all. He has not ventured out of the kitchen yet.

Meanwhile- we’re still moving things in.

Saturday evening
We stop moving things in for the evening, and settle in. Shadow, glad that we are in one place and not moving around, plops on Hubby’s lap, and we watch some tv to wind down. Shadow starts investigating the new place.

More moving. Now- Shadow is angry that we won’t stay put in this new place. He complains loudly, whenever we drop off a load. “Stay HERE!!” We hoped to be finished, but we have a little more.

More moving. I swear this stuff is breeding and making little baby stuff!