Yeah… most of these are packed away, because we just moved.

… And we stashed all the boxes and bins in Daddy’s room, because he’s currently in rehab for the neuropathy in his feet. BUT- the tentative release date is the end of the month- so we have to find some place for all the boxes.

Two weeks! *silent scream*

I do have TWO projects that aren’t listed here, that I’m working on for a swap. So… no pictures yet. Sorry.

1. Miter-y Blanket

This is the only one out, and although I haven’t had much time to knit in general- I’m almost finished with the center diamond.

2. Crochet Bag

This STILL might turn into something else. Also- I’m tired of single crochet.

3. Flax Sweater

Almost to the ribbing…

4. Travelling Monster 2016

Didn’t work on this one. She still needs legs.


Scrap Blanket