So. Wandering around the Ravelry forums- giving my two cents where I feel like it- I came to a realization: I am NOT a selfish knitter.

Let’s look at this. Of the 42 projects I have finished- only 4 are mine. Some more may have started off being for me, but ended up with someone else. And when you consider that one of those 42 projects is a set of 10 scarves- one could arguably bring that total up to 51. And of the additional six WIPs (Works in Progress)- only one of those is for me. In all fairness- three don’t have designations, so they might end up with me, but only one is positively FOR me.

Let’s say it one more time, just for emphasis: I am NOT a selfish knitter.

Wait- I made a pair of socks for myself in 2010. I must take pictures and put that entry in my Projects. Okay. So that’s FIVE finished projects that are mine. That’s a whopping 9%.


And 15 of them have been for various family member (including Hubby), so that total is 29%. So, I knit 63% of my projects for other people. And if I were to break it down FURTHER, more than half of that is charity knitting. Let’s break it down:

9% for me
29% for family
39% for charity
23% for swaps and other Ravelry-related knitting.

I THINK I want to slightly increase my selfish knitting… but the only way to do that is to bite into the knitting for family. I like my swaps (they keep me sane, and help me make new friends), and I do NOT want to decrease my charity knitting AT ALL. It makes me feel good to be able to give back, especially where I know that it will be appreciated.


That’s it.  There’s really no point to this, other than it blew my mind and I wanted to share. 🙂