We just moved and WE HAVE NO SPACE. We moved from a 1 bedroom. 641 square feet, to a 2 bedroom with 838 square feet. It’s pretty much the same total square footage (plus another bedroom and bathroom), but it’s more annoyingly laid out.

The 1 bedroom apartment:

It had a decent-sized hall closet, a pantry closet, and a decent-sized linen closet in the bathroom. There is only one walkway, because the front door lines up with the hallway from the bedroom and bathroom.

The 2 bedroom apartment:

Since the bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment- there has to be an entryway from the front door, and TWO walkways from the bedrooms, because the HVAC system is located in an extra inconvenient spot. Plus- there’s a foot less of space in the bedroom, NO pantry, a teeny tiny hall closet (we can’t even fit our vacuum in it), and for some reason- the closet in our bedroom opens to the interior, so you can’t put anything in the space for the door. The dining room is smaller, because of the walkway to the second bedroom. (Plus- I think it was smaller to begin with.) Our bathroom does not have a linen closet, and the other bathroom does not have a deep linen closet. Oh- and the bedrooms are a foot shorter than they were in the smaller apartment. Trust me- that foot is NOTICEABLE! We’ve already added two bookcases (one 6 foot tall one, and one 2 1/2 foot one), and need at least two more small ones.

This all amounts to LESS SPACE, and the need to get rid of stuff, because the essentials will need to take up the space we have. We need a place to store food, since we don’t have a pantry. That means we need some sort of shelving system in the dining room. We need to find a home for the vacuum cleaner, the mop, and the broom. We’ve already added a over-the-toilet space saver in the attached bathroom to hold some linens. We need to find a place to put a chest of drawers… but that’s a little iffy right now. There may be room if we reorganize the layout of that closet off of the bathroom.

But- ALL of this amounts to the fact that I have too much yarn! I have two extra large bins (30 gallons each), one medium/large bin (18 gallon bin), and eight small bins (12 gallons each) and one lawn garbage bag worth of yarn!. In all fairness- one of those small bins is my knitting books (so no actual yarn in it), and one is my class bin (so that yarn does not count and is not listed in my stash). So that would be SIX small bins. I want to at least half that number. If I can work it correctly- I want three small bins and ONE large bin. That’s right- the class bin, the book bin, and one small working bin. The large bin will be to hold the reserve yarn. That’s it. So I need to get rid of roughly 114 gallons of yarn. Gallons and yardage don’t really work together, but that’s a LOT. That’s like 65% of my stash. Maybe 70%.

And since I don’t want to sell it (over half of it was donated and I can only guess at the brands- I DO know that the majority of it is acrylic)- that means ALL of my non-swap attention is on charity items. Scarves… shawls… scrap blankets- I MUST get rid of this stuff. So all of my goals will have to be put aside. Most of my WIPs are going into that reserve bin. Probably till next year.

Single skeins of yarn will become scarves/hats. Garter stitch scarves are easy and warm, and I can work one up in two evenings. Multiple skeins will probably go into a blanket. Everything MUST GO!!!

(The up side is that there will be a LOT of warm people this winter!!!)


So.  WIP Monday is turning into Charity Mondays.  I’ll show you what I have completed, and we’ll celebrate together when I empty a bin. 🙂