I find it hilarious that at the moment I start talking about reducing my stash- everyone else talks about enhancing it. All my favorite places are offering 30-40% off of things… buy a certain amount and get free yarn… I THINK this is the ‘get in gear for Christmas‘ push, but I’m amused at the timing.

So I did a little consolidation and inventory last night.

I need to work through one large bin (30 gallons), 1/2 of a medium bin (so only about 9 gallons), two small bins (12 gallons each), and that lawn garbage bag of yarn.

Which is down from my original 114 gallons of yarn estimate to about 93 gallons of yarn. And this includes all the yarn in my class bin. I decided that when class starts back- I’ll just buy new yarn for it.

The reason for that particular decision, is that the class bin contains MOSTLY light-colored yarn. You don’t want beginners to not be able to see their stitches, so I only allowed them to use light-colored yarn. There was one knitter who graduated to being able to use whatever yarn she wanted to, but everyone else was only light colors. And being that there are a LOT of dark colors in my stash- the addition of light, coordinating colors will make it easier to knit ONLY from the stash (and keeps me from having to buy yarn to coordinate colors).

I’ve already begun by knitting up most of the wool blends from my stash (my swap partner is not a fan of acrylic), and luckily- all the wool is in coordinating colors (thanks Mommytwo).  I think I will wander over to baby items and see if I can find some fast and easy things there.  There are LOTS of babies in my congregation, so as long as the patterns are quick knits- they will have a home.