I’ve done several knitting challenges, but I’ve yet to do a writing challenge. So let’s start one!

One of the blogs I subscribe to is nothing but writing prompts, and several days ago this one popped up:

So without further adieu- lets start it!

Day 1: Your blog’s name

My blog is called Duck and Cover (Misadventures in Knitting and Writing). I named it that, because sometimes, no matter how well intentioned you are- things have a way of blowing up in your face. I also named it that, because there was an American civil defense film of the same name (well- just Duck and Cover) that was released in 1951. It is absolutely and completely absurd.

If you want to check it out- you can find it on YouTube. It’s a good 9 1/2 minute time waster.

That absurd thing was shown in schools up until 1991. I remember watching it in middle school. It was followed by a bomb drill where you ducked down, crawled under your desk, and covered your head. (In case of an actual bomb- you need to do one additional step: lean over and kiss your butt goodbye.)

Years later- I watched the intentionally absurd (and full of black humor) film, The Atomic Cafe. This film is FILLED with archival government films, training films, advertisements, news footage, and television/radio programs from the 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s. Runtime is 86 minutes.

You can also find this one on YouTube, but it’s not free. For a mere $2.99- you, too can enjoy all the absurd propaganda that was fed to us during that part of the cold war era.

I think it’s worth it, and I would like to own a copy of The Atomic Cafe someday, but Duck and Cover will give you a shorter idea of all the craziness.

Good news, Amazon Prime subscribers- you can watch The Atomic Cafe for free!


So.  That’s the name of my blog.  And probably a good description of how crazy I am. 🙂