I have a pair of LG Bluetooth headphones. These things are fantastic. However- I sometimes forget to bring them to work, and thus am stuck with my backup pair of headphones. Which are wired.

Inevitably, when you are wearing a pair of WIRED headphones- you forget that you are tethered to something. And one of three things will happen at least once: 1) You get up and move out of range, thus RIPPING the headphones off of your ears, 2) You get up and move out of range, thus RIPPING the headphones out of the headphone jack, and causing your device to suddenly start blaring whatever you’re listening to out loud to the WHOLE office, or 3) You try to move out of range, but the headphones stay put and YANK your head back in range.

None of the above are fun.

So I had the idea to buy a cheap pair of Bluetooth headphones to keep at work. I don’t need them to have a particularly stellar distance range, since I don’t plan to keep them that far away from my phone. I don’t need for them to last particularly long, although if they last at least five hours- I’ll be happy. They also don’t need to have all the functions as my LG headphones. So I found some cheap ones (S Gear) on Amazon with decent reviews and bought them.

So far today- I made it about 2 hours before the headphones said they had a low battery. I did charge it on Friday, but according to the instructions- there will be a red light when the headphones are charging, and the light will turn off when they are fully charged. So I unplugged them when I THOUGHT they were finished charging.

I currently have them charging, but the red light has already gone off. So either the battery is bad, because one charge is supposed to last 7 hours of music time (or 2-3 hours of talk time), OR they just don’t last as long as they SAY they do.

I’m leaning towards the latter. But honestly- what do you expect for an $8 pair of Bluetooth headphones?

At any rate- these need to last just one month. I have two more coming next month (they were cheap enough that I bought back ups… the total price of all three averages out to about $8.87 per headphone), so hopefully ONE of the three will be decent.