Day 13: What’s Inside Your Fridge

Umm… food? Isn’t that what refrigerators are for? To hold food?

A carton of eggs… a box of butter (I don’t do margarine, because it’s one molecule away from being PLASTIC, and that can’t be good for the body)… some Sweet Acidophilus milk (Hubby needs the enzymes, and it’s just easier to drink one type of milk as a household, even though I do occasionally need whole milk for baking)… assorted condiments (both foreign and domestic), a few bottles of rum (honestly- we’re not big drinkers, so one bottle will last YEARS), some juices, some celery and carrots (Hubby’s thing), and some Ensure for Daddy. There’s also probably some sort of take out (probably Daddy’s) that needs to be thrown away.

That reminds me- we need to go shopping for groceries. I think we need some sort of meat…