Day 15: Where Will You Be In 5 Years

I’m not psychic, so this one is hard to answer. But- let us be hopeful.

1. Hopefully I will not be at my current job, but somewhere else. (My current job is farther away from home than I’d like, pays less than I think I should be paid for what I do, and is just hard on the psyche.)

Ideally- I’d like to get my yarn business up and running (and sustainable enough that I don’t have to work at the soul-sucking job I mentioned above), and maybe have a published book. I would like to take some classes to learn how to do both. I’ll be checking around on this in the next day or so.

2. I would like to return to college. I never graduated the first time around. (It didn’t seem smart or wise to spend seven years at a college, taking crap classes until the demand for the two classes I needed to graduate was high enough for them to actually offer the class.) Financially- I don’t have an extra $3,000 to spend on taking classes right now. (Even though my job does have a reimbursement program set up- I would be in the middle of my second semester, before I could get reimbursed for the first one.)

3. I would like offspring. Whether mine or adopted- the mothering instinct has FINALLY surfaced. Probably to my cat’s utter dismay. He hates people… and children… and other cats… but mostly children and other cats. Having a little terror around the house (one that won’t go home) is probably his biggest nightmare. Also- adoption is unBELIEVABLY expensive, even domestic adoptions! Where does all that money go?