Day 30: Your Hopes For Your Blog

At first- I wanted to say that I don’t have hopes for this blog, because I’m already achieving what I set out to do: have a place to hold myself accountable in my knitting and writing. But since I do want to develop my own Yarn business- I need to start thinking about the near future. Whether I want a separate Shop Blog, or incorporate this one. I also want to write more. I’ve already been looking for more writing challenges, so we’ll see what pops up in the future!

So I guess my hope is that my blog (or blogs if that is what I choose to do) will grow as I do. I apparently have some big changes on the horizon, so hopefully I can adapt and grow, and so will my blog(s). And until I have a more definite direction- that’s as specific as I dare to get.



Last Day! Some days were uncomfortable, but I answered everything!