I have this yarn, in this color:

It’s been earmarked for the better part of two years for my second sweater.

I wanted to use it to make this:

I’ll just have to order more, when I finally get around to the second sweater*. It’s Red Heart Soft- it’s not going to be discontinued any time soon.

I did not intend for it to look similar to the colors of the Pattern picture, but I couldn’t help it. The yarn jumped onto the needles and refused to get off. Apparently- I really AM on a mission.  And I like the fact that it is yarn that I already love… yarn that has been waiting to BE…

I’m only about 7 rows in (and only 1 row of the lace pattern), so I can’t show it off yet. Lace always looks like yarn barf, until you have a couple of repeats done. It’s like one of those Magic Eye stereograms that were popular in the 90’s. It looks like a hot mess, until you relax. THEN the real picture emerges.

I have also ordered the other color- Knit Picks Brava in Ash. It was the only color that complemented the Red Heart Soft in Turquoise.

*BTW- I’m almost done with the ribbing on the first sweater.  Once the ribbing is done- I’ll just have the sleeves to do.