Once a month (usually around the end)- I surf Ravelry and look at all the new patterns that have been posted during that month. And I haven’t done this since May, so we are VERY overdue!

Today I’m going to highlight the ones I found notable in some way. I will only highlight the ones that have a Ravelry download- whether free or paid patterns. Also- all patterns have an English download available.

(Wherever possible- I used the designer’s picture. So copyright belongs to the respective designers.)

1. Lofty Emotions Long Cowl (paid)

2. Cantuccio Cowl (paid)

3. Lillian’s Blanket (paid)

4. The Italian Job (paid)

5. Azure Dragon (paid)

6. Regal Brioche Shawl (paid)

7. Carpe Diem (paid)

8. Grandling (free)

9. Bois D’Or (paid)

10. Fifth Season (paid)

11. Phōs (paid)

12. Smallwood (paid)


13. Phoenix (paid)


Not to send you down the rabbit hole, but you should go take a look at the recently added patterns. There may be something you fall in love with, that I have not showcased here.