What I am currently reading:
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

I WANT to like this book. I really do. The author hits most of my fandom buttons, being that he has written Doctor Who stories, and has written a sixth book to my beloved Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy trilogy.  (That’s right- it’s a six-book trilogy. Move along- nothing to see here.)

BUT- I’m not sure I like Artemis Fowl (the series- not the character). I like Butler – I like his sister; but that may be all I like so far. I think I will give the series another book. If I’m still unsure by the end of the second one- I’ll drop the series.

What I just finished reading:
Winter by Marissa Meyer

This book started slow. I was dragging myself through the first three or so chapters. It did pick up after that, and I am satisfied with the conclusion, but I really believe that the author had trouble getting to her visualized ending. It was a LOT of ends to tie up. And she reached her ending- I just don’t feel it was as smooth a transition as it was in the other books.

What I plan to read next:
New Night by Fiona van Dahl

(with ‘NEXT’ being tonight when I get home and can load it onto my Kindle)

Let me start with my relationship with the author. Ms. Van Dahl approached me via Goodreads late last year with a request to read and review her book Eden Green. In my experience- most of the read requests you get are for books that are either glorified fanfiction, or just bad in general. That was NOT the case with Eden Green! I love dystopian novels, and this one was really right up my alley. I LOVED IT! I highly recommend it, if you’re into Dystopian novels.

So TODAY the author approached me to read the ADVANCED COPY of the sequel- New Night. That’s right- I get to read it before EVERY ONE ELSE. I feel special. Like I’m part of some secret club. 😀