I bought a 7mm needle, with a total 40 inch (100 cm) length.  I find that I’m buying all my needles in 32 inch or 40 inch lengths.  If I’m working on something shorter- I can easily use magic loop to get the extra cord out of the way, but it’s hard to work on something like a blanket, and squish it all onto a 16 inch or even a 24 inch needle.  I love it how the packaging says that the needle sizes range from 2mm (US  size 0) to 6mm (US size 10), when I am clearly holding a 7mm needle.  It doesn’t have a US size equivalent, being that we generally skip from size 10 1/2 (6.5mm) to size 11 (8mm).  Anything in between that is largely not sold in sets, and are hard to find in singles.  I’m not sure why.

Knit Pro Karbonz


So first- I should probably explain the way I knit. I am an English knitter and I hold the needle with my left hand, while pushing the stitches forward with my index finger. As such- my hand feels the carbon part of the needle, and my index finger feels the brass tip. So my brain is constantly getting conflicting information. My hand is telling it that the needle feels warm, but my finger tells it that the needle is cool. If you are a person who loves metal needles- you will have to come to terms with that dichotomy. But- once you get past that- it’s smooth sailing.

The warmth of the needles gives it almost a bendy quality like bamboo or wood. The steel tip gives it a rigidness? It’s a hard to explain… it’s like the needle equivalent of slouching in a chair, then straightening up when your mom comes in the room, so she doesn’t give you that posture lecture for the 500th time. I was afraid that the carbon fiber would have too much grab (like wood), but it doesn’t. If you’ve ever knitted with casein needles (milk protein)- you know they are slightly grabby, but not as much as wood. This carbon is like that. A little grabby, but not so much that it slows you down. In terms of pointiness of the tip- they fall between my Chiagoo and my Addis. The Chiagoo Red Circular needles have a sharper point than the Karbonz, but the Addi Turbos have a duller point.

The needles have a smooth join, where the cord meets the brass. I’m pretty sure that’s why they put brass there as well- to facilitate a smoother transition from cord to needle. As for the cord- it’s flexible, but strong. It feels like you will be able to put a lot of weight on it, and it would hold up just fine.


In all- I’m very satisfied with these needles. In fact- I think I might like them BETTER than I like my Addi Turbos. Which puts Knit Pro Karbonz as my #2 favorite needles.


Except for the name. The K in Karbonz doesn’t bother me. I can live with the K. It’s kind of alliterative… But that z at the end is completely superfluous. (How’s that for a $5 word?)