We are now accepting sign-ups for the 2017 Knitting in France Birthday Swap. (Please sign up in this thread.) This is a swap for the ENTIRE YEAR, and you will need to send out multiple packages.

You will also need to be able to ship both domestically and internationally.


How it works: Once sign-ups close- you will receive a questionnaire and a deadline to fill it out and turn it in. Then, when all questionnaires are received- we all receive a master document with every recipients’ name, address, and preferences. Save that- you will need it later.

When someone’s birthday gets close- you put together a swap package for them and send it off. You should send a package for each birthday on the list, and you will get one from each of the other people on YOUR birthday.

This is a really great swap, and once your birthday gets close- all these packages start arriving. It’s like a second Christmas.

If you’re new to swapping, or unsure of what to send- you can look at the 2016 thread. It has lots of pictures and should give you ideas of what kinds of things go into this swap.

If you are going to be late- let the thread know. We all know that things happen, but don’t just drop off the face of the earth. Communication is KEY.


For this past swap (2016)- we have five recipients, and two months where we had two recipients in a month. So each person only had to send out four packages, AND there were months were you didn’t have to send out anything. If we get enough people wanting to participate- we will break it down into small groups, so that you aren’t sending a TON of packages out.