First round:

1. Shamrock colorway
Yarn: 100% superwash merino (KP)
Weight: Worsted, 100 grams

Thoughts: I really love this yarn. It’s soft and squishy. Dyes well, and works up great. The only drawbacks is that it’s sometimes not available from the supplier. For this reason ONLY- it will have to become a limited edition or seasonal base. Unless I can find something just as good (or better) to replace it. If I’m going to give this yarn business a full go- I’ll need my bases to be available at all times (barring the holiday rush and unforeseen circumstances).

2. Under The Sea colorway
Yarn: 100% superwash merino (Kona)
Weight: Worsted, 200 grams

Thoughts: The yarn is initially not as soft as I like. However- it does soften with handling. It also sheds like a Persian cat in every wash. Takes dye well. A little too expensive for my tastes, though. I’m passing on this one.

Second round:

3. Powdered Grape Drink colorway
Yarn: 99% wool, 1% nylon
Weight: Super Bulky, 100 grams

Thoughts: This yarn fought me with every step of the dyeing process. First- it wants more room in the dye pot. Always more room. Second- it needs more dye. Like twice as much as normal. Sucks it up like it’s dying of thirst and still wants more. Uses almost twice the mordant, too. My first thoughts in the rinsing and drying process is that it’s sticky. Very sticky. (Well, duh- Talya- it’s straight wool!) Yes, yes, BUT it was sticky from the beginning. From the moment I tried to untie the mill knots, till working it into a ball after drying- it’s been sticky. Not felting, because I was very careful about that- although the mill knots were half-felted; but just sticky. I have a feeling that this will be an itchy yarn. We’ll see. Does anyone make super bulky superwash? A huge blanket made out of this would be a pain in the butt to hand wash. We’ll see how it works up, before I decide whether to give it the ax or not.

4. Good Golly, Miss Molly colorway
Yarn: 50% merino wool, 50% silk
Weight: worsted, 100 grams

Thoughts: The colorway is absolutely horrifying, but came out exactly like I envisioned. The silk behaves well in the dye pot. I had no issues at all with this one. Works up very nicely. Is not splitty at all. Definitely a keeper.

5. I have no idea what to name it
Yarn: 70% merino wool, 30% cotton
Weight: bulky, 100 grams

Thoughts: I really think you could dye any combination of colors and it would look good. The cotton doesn’t take the dye at all, so when worked up- pooling won’t be as noticeable, neither will short colorways. The cotton also gives it a cooler feel than regular wool, and the merino definitely offsets the rigidity of the cotton (no give). I like it, but I know not everyone goes for this type of look, so if it gets picked up- it may be a limited edition thing.

Next up for the dye pot: a DK cotton/linen/silk combo, a sport weight superwash, and a fingering weight sparkly wool yarn. I’m excited to see how the DK one works up- the linen is new for me!