Last two from the mill sampler pack!

1. Unicorn Intestines
Yarn: 49% Alpaca / 49% merino wool / 2% polyester glitz
Weight: worsted, 100 grams

Thoughts: I dyed this one first (before the Zombie Rainbow), and it was my first time using the silver grey. I thought the coloring came from the pink interacting with the grey. But come to find out- the purple grey is as purple grey as ever. It just plays better with the pink. This colorway will probably get tweaked with a proper purple (and renamed), but will largely stay the same proportions.

2. Harvest Time
Yarn: 70% alpaca / 30% merino wool
Weight: DK, 100 grams

Thoughts: This one came out exactly how I envisioned. I knew that secondary colors are mostly harvest colors, so I wanted to play with them and get some Autumn going on. Browns, and greens, and purples. It’s the first non-rainbow colorway that I’ve had a direct vision of.



Immersion dyeing: Shamrock, Under The Sea, Powdered Grape Drink, IDK, Good Golly Miss Molly, Powdered Orange Drink 1 & 2, Seafoam
Half-Immersion (steamer): Unicorn Intestines
Half-Immersion (roaster): Harvest Time
Hand-painting: Clown Hair, Zombie Rainbow, Rainbow

The alpaca/merino mixes are very nice. Will use these. Also all the superwash wools.

Not a fan of the bulky 100% wool, nor of the linen/silk/wool mix.

As for dyes- I will use a blue/yellow mix for true green, instead of the emerald green. I used the blue/yellow mix for the Rainbow long colorway, and I like that green better. Also- if I want grey- I will need to dilute black, instead of using the silver-grey.

I did get six definite recipes out of this test. Probably a further three with refinement.

Now to order a full case. 🙂