I’ve decided to do dye tutorials next week, using sample sizes of yarn.

Monday: Kool Aid dyeing (or other UNSWEETENED drink mixes)

Tuesday: McCormick liquid food color dyeing

Wednesday: Wilton Gel food color dyeing

Thursday: Jacquard Acid dyeing (or Dharma Acid Dyes- they are interchangeable)

So- if you’d like to dye along with me, you will need a few things.  And don’t worry- I will do the math for you.  All you will need to do is MEASURE.

You will need:

– Animal fiber yarn. One 100 gram skein of yarn (preferably superwash wool). I’ll be using worsted weight, but you can use any weight you like.

Divide it into 20 equal pieces (for a 220 yard skein of worsted weight- that is TWENTY 11-yard pieces). You may tie them or leave them untied.

– Dyeing cups. One for each sample you want to dye, each should be at least 12 ounces, microwave safe. (If you plan on acid dyeing- these CANNOT be reused for food or drink.)

At least 2 measuring cups (both at least 2 cup size, with milliliters printed on it)

measuring spoons (1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon)

disposeable powdered latex gloves to keep from dyeing your hands (or non-latex, if you are allergic) – buy on Amazon

– a digital kitchen scale (If you want to be precise with measurements.  This one is not strictly necessary at this point.)

-a funnel (only needed for the acid dyeing)

-a respirator mask (only needed for the acid dyes) – buy on Amazon
Or you can find them in any Home Improvement or hardware store. Cloth masks will work, too.

Distilled white vinegar or citric acid
(You can find the citric acid where you find canning/pickling supplies in your local grocery store.)

– And your dye of choice for the day.
If you are doing all four days- you will need all four types of dyes. Colors are up to you!

Oh and a place to lay the mini samples out to dry!