This one is my very favorite of all the yarns I have dyed.

I think it’s because it looks soo… bark-like.

I originally wanted to do sort of a winter candy cane kind of thing. So I did the icy blue and set it out to dry. And every time I looked at it, my brain just kept saying it was incomplete. It needed something… else. However- my brain is almost never specific on what is missing, so I knew it needed another round in the dye pot. I just didn’t know WHAT it needed added to it.

So for the next round- I sprinkled it all over with brown and black sprinkles. Some smudged and became solid areas, some stayed… sprinkle-y. Then I went to set the sprinkles, and it jumped out of the pan and gave me a huge, messy hug. No lie. I have the brown and black blotches on my dye clothing to prove it. I also had to clean the floor from where it landed after my hug.

I think it was just happy to have some character.

I kept eyeing it as it dried, and I really do love it. I was initially afraid of using too much brown or black, but in this case- it really works!

Doesn’t it remind you of bits of tree bark?