I meant to post this earlier in the month, but time has gotten away from me (again).

I managed to survive my first semester back in school (barely) with a nice solid B. Yay, me! If you are returning to school, and it’s been more than a year since you were last in school- I advise you to never EVER take an accelerated language class. Even if you were previously near-fluent. It will kick your butt, guaranteed.

I am one week into the new semester, and taking things more slowly. This means more sleep, and I actually have a little time to knit now. (Also to play a bit of video games, which I did not do at all last semester, until after final exams.)

I did learn a few things so far from my hair journey. First- when I decided to eliminate anything with formaldehyde releasers in it (and also anything with parabens in it)- a curious thing happened. I have been borderline asthmatic for almost three years now (and have been lazy about getting a referral to a specialist to actually find out), but since I eliminated those two things- I have not had any breathing troubles. None. Since July or August. And Spring and Fall are my worst months for breathing, because I also have allergies. Now- the culprit may be one of the two things I eliminated, OR it may be something commonly found WITH them. Regardless- the proof speaks for itself. I will continue to avoid products with parabens and folrmaldehyde releasers in them.

Second- I have no idea what hair milks are for. None at all. They do absolutely nothing for my hair, I believe they are hair moisturizers (think leave-in conditioners) with a bit of styler added in. But regardless- I have tried four or five so far, and they do absolutely nothing for me.

Third- I cannot use hair oils by themselves. I have irrigation issues, and anything that oily will slide right out of my hair. So if I want to oil the side of my face- putting oils in my hair is IDEAL! So I generally add the oils to my leave-in conditioner, and that has worked well so far.

I want to catch up with all of my wash days and reviews, so starting tomorrow- I will be posting every day (except Sundays) to catch you up on what I’ve tried so far, what has worked, and what I will NEVER buy again. I also will post my Best and Worst Products of 2018.

Stay tuned!