Normal Monday / Shop Update

​For those of you don’t know- I changed jobs a little over a week ago.

And updating my blog is – well not difficult, but it is presenting a challenge.
I basically need to prepare the post, then send it to the email on my phone.

Then I need to copy it from my email, and paste it into the WordPress app.
(From this inference- you can assume that I cannot get to WordPress at work, nor can I get to Photobucket- the site I use to house my images.)
I’m not complaining- it just means that I need to change when I write my blog posts.
I’ll work on that this week.

In the meantime- I have swatches!

Cinnamon and Spice

Zombie Rainbow

Harvest Time

Unicorn Intestines


Saturday Afternoon Aftermatch 

AND there are six new yarns in the store today!  Some are completely new (check out Vanilla Raspberry Chocolate Chip!) and some are old ones that never made it to the store (like Shamrock and Good Golly, Miss Molly).
Etsy shop

6 swatches down, 31 to go!


Casting on

So after working up this lovely deliciousness:

I thought I was ready to cast on.


I’m one of those people who doesn’t really care about gauge.  I do a gauge swatch, but I really just do it to tell me how off I’m going to be from the original pattern.  After all- I took a gauge class at Stitches South last year, and they just confirmed what I already suspected- gauge is as individual as the person.  If you can get someone else’s gauge- you are a special unicorn.  But mostly you just work the pattern to fit YOUR gauge.

So I’m going to be a maverick on this pattern.

I picked out the pattern- I will be working that lovely Cinnamon and Spice into Harvest:

Picture copyright: Tin Can Knits

Isn’t it gorgeous?  And I think Cinnamon and Spice would compliment it fabulously!


The pattern calls for 4 mm and 5 mm needles.  I’m using 7 mm. (Because it’s my new Karbonz needles and I love them, that’s why!) Row Gauge is supposed to be 18 stitches to 4 inches.  I get 13 stitches to 4 inches.  So what’s a crazy knitter to do?  Easy!  Go down three sizes in the pattern!

I casted on last night, and made it through the whole collar… before I messed up.  I picked out the provisional cast on waaaaay too early. (In my defense- I’ve never done a provisional cast on before, crochet or not.)  So I’m going to have to rip back all 59 ridges of collar and start over with the cast on.  And trust that when it says pick up and knit the provisional stitches of the cast on- it does not mean PICK OUT the waste yarn and knit the live stitches.  That comes later.


Oh look- I swatched!

I was working on a gauge swatch of Cinnamon and Spice last night.  Yes, I do swatch, but only halfway.  All of that bind off and wash like you would the finished garment?  No- I don’t do that part.  But I will knit 6-8 inches and measure the middle.  Then I unravel it and use it in my project.

Look at that! For those of you who are a bit scared of variegated yarn- that’s not scary at all!  (Or maybe I’m just used to it.)

Anyway- I kind of feel like using the Lightbox for a gauge swatch is overkill. But I wanted you to see it as true to it’s actual coloring as possible.

Magneto will work up the same way.

Now I need to work up a swatch for all of them. This way- you’ll have an idea of how they look before you get them.

That’s a lot of swatches.  1 down, 36 to go.

Spotlight on Winter Bark

This one is my very favorite of all the yarns I have dyed.

I think it’s because it looks soo… bark-like.

I originally wanted to do sort of a winter candy cane kind of thing. So I did the icy blue and set it out to dry. And every time I looked at it, my brain just kept saying it was incomplete. It needed something… else. However- my brain is almost never specific on what is missing, so I knew it needed another round in the dye pot. I just didn’t know WHAT it needed added to it.

So for the next round- I sprinkled it all over with brown and black sprinkles. Some smudged and became solid areas, some stayed… sprinkle-y. Then I went to set the sprinkles, and it jumped out of the pan and gave me a huge, messy hug. No lie. I have the brown and black blotches on my dye clothing to prove it. I also had to clean the floor from where it landed after my hug.

I think it was just happy to have some character.

I kept eyeing it as it dried, and I really do love it. I was initially afraid of using too much brown or black, but in this case- it really works!

Doesn’t it remind you of bits of tree bark?

Happy Five Year Blogiversary to Me

WordPress just reminded me that I registered for an account five years ago today.


I posted a few times, then promptly fell off the face of the earth for a few years.

(Hey- it happens.)


Nowadays- I am posting semi-regularly, and dyeing all over the place.


Luckily- this little beauty (Cinnamon and Spice) is the only one so far that has grabbed me by the heart and demanded that I knit something with it (and by something- I mean a cardigan).  So- I had to dye it’s five other brothers, so that cardigan can be made.

Now don’t get me wrong- I love almost everything I have dyed.  But none of the others have grabbed at me to knit them.  Not even my favorite one- Winter Bark. (More on Winter Bark tomorrow.)


Shop update later today.  More Tangerine.  More Cinnamon and Spice, and a new colorway- Magneto!


Dye Day!

Ahhh, it feels good to be back dyeing!

I dyed a sweater quantity of Cinnamon and Spice for me (plus a few more for the store).  I dyed a few more Tangerines for the store, annnnd I have a new colorway to put into the store.  Store update on Monday!

A productive day AND I went out to play Pokémon Go with friends!

Catching up

Whew! It’s been a wild week and a half around here.

– They changed my schedule at work, so I’ve been a cranky, sleep-deprived mad woman. It also means that I need to figure out what my new posting schedule is.

– I was sick most of the weekend, due to the weather. Lovely cold snap that actually brought snow. And everyone panicked.

  • I’m trying to finish some of the UFOs from 2016. This includes the Blanket that was supposed to be completed by New Years. Yes I’ve started it! Yes I’m not far from the beginning… I think I may have developed a bit of blanket-phobia…
  • There should be a shop update next Monday. Yummy yarny goodness!

Store Launch!

We are live!

Atlantis Yarns on Etsy


It took longer than I thought.  And I still need to add Zombie Rainbow, Unicorn Intestines, Harvest Time, Camouflage, Seafoam, IDK, and Orange Powdered Drink.

But- I didn’t want to keep you in suspense ANY LONGER!


AND we have winners!


There were 14 people who joined the mailing list (THANK YOU!!!), and a LOT of bounces (so check the email address you gave).  So I plan to send out the first email for Atlantis Yarns tomorrow!

Meanwhile- two of you will receive an email from me TODAY, regarding that free skein of yarn.  Congratulations to persons 6 and 13 (yes- these are real people)!


(And once I send those winner emails- I will update the yarn page on Ravelry.)



I really like that one!

This is drying:

I call it Cinnamon and Spice.  It’s currently a bit darker than the photo, but will lighten as it dries.  It’s a nice, warm brown with little pops of red.  And I want a sweater out of it.

Which is odd, because I’m a blue/purple kind of girl.  Ah well- the heart wants what the heart wants.