Last Call!

The Atlantis Yarn store launches tomorrow!
Last chance to enter the yarn giveaway by signing up for the mailing list!  Two winners will be chosen as the store goes live, and each will get a coupon code for a free skein of yarn of their choice!


I really like that one!

This is drying:

I call it Cinnamon and Spice.  It’s currently a bit darker than the photo, but will lighten as it dries.  It’s a nice, warm brown with little pops of red.  And I want a sweater out of it.

Which is odd, because I’m a blue/purple kind of girl.  Ah well- the heart wants what the heart wants.

Dye day

Dye day was yesterday.  And with the exception of a few more rainbow skeins- I am mostly ready for the launch.

All I have left is to tag everything (I have brand tags!!!!), and reskein the messier skeins.

(Some skeins just don’t behave in the dye bath. And that’s okay.)


Come on January 2nd!




Store Launch / Yarn Giveaway

My Atlantis Yarns Etsy store launch is coming soon. In fact- it is EXACTLY two weeks away!

I am launching with over 20 different colorways to choose from, including some of the yarns you’ve been seeing for the last few months.

I am using the store as a sort of a test to see which colorways you like the best. Those will become the regulars when I launch my website. The ones that are more seasonally popular will become seasonal additions, and the least popular ones will be phased out. Right now- most of the yarns are Fingering Weight or Worsted Weight. More weights will be added as we go.

To celebrate the store launch- I will be giving away two skeins of yarn!

Two lucky winners will each receive a coupon code for one skein of yarn. Your choice. All you have to do is sign up for my mailing list between now and 8:00 am central time on Monday, January 2nd, 2017.

Winner will be chosen randomly after 8:00 am on that Monday, and then contacted with further information.


Mailing List info: I will NEVER sell or give your email address away. Expect 3-4 emails a month, mostly shop updates, relevant shop news, and any other giveaways that will be held.


**I meant to have a handy dandy little subscribe box appear here, but the code for it doesn’t work well with WordPress.  So for now- a link will have to do.**


I learned an interesting thing over the weekend.

How many skeins of wet yarn can my torture device hold?


How many skeins of wet yarn can my shower rod, HOLDING my torture device hold?

About twelve.


Yes, as many of you guessed- there was an incident this weekend. Involving overturned drip buckets, water all over the floor, and poor, flopping yarn skeins.


The yarn is okay.


We have learned that the next time I dye 18 skeins in one day- I NEED to hang a few in the closet.

It’s an interesting problem to have.



More on the yarn giveaway TOMORROW!

And guess what?

I’m not the best at titles. Forgive me.


However- dyeing samples wasn’t the ONLY thing I did this past weekend.  On the contrary- I also dyed a fair amount of yarn.

Shout out to my Hubby who doesn’t seem to mind random skeins of yarn drying all over the place.

May I introduce you to:


2 skeins (so far). One is worsted weight, superwash merino wool. One is fingering weight, superwash merino wool.

and this is Spilled Pixie Sticks

3 skeins (so far). Two are worsted weight, superwash merino wool. One is fingering weight, superwash merino wool.

Both will be going in my store… which I have yet to build. But I know the grand opening will be Monday, January 2nd, 2017. So I have two weeks to build up the starting inventory. No worries- I’m already halfway there.


I will also be holding a raffle next week- two winners will receive a coupon code for 1 free skein. Completely free. Open to anyone who can receive mail with relative ease. More on that next week.