No swatch today.

I was doing the feather and fan pattern for last night’s swatch, and 20 rows in – my hubby said, “That doesn’t look right”. And it doesn’t. Because it says a multiple of 24 stitches, and my normal 30 stitch swatch does not allow the proper room for it to FAN. So I just have a feather. lol

So I’m going to redo it tonight, with 48 stitches, so at least it will have SOME fan.

But- I DID do two things yesterday.

I placed a KnitPicks order for my classroom yarn. All light colors.
I plan to have 10 students (plus 1), but I ordered 15 skeins (5 different colors), just in case.

I also picked up most of the miscellaneous supplies at the Dollar Tree.
Look at these cute little totes!

They will only hold one medium sized project plus peripherals, or two small projects and peripherals, but I think they are the right size for beginners. If you have a local Dollar Tree- check it out, and see if they have these. They are just too cute!