I’m headed to a hockey game on Saturday, and I need to plan out my hockey knitting. The stipulations are that I must bring non-metal needles. Nothing else will pass through the metal detectors.

Knit Picks needles will not work, as they all have a metal join. So- to that end I own a pair of Clover Takumi 16″ bamboo needles in US size 8 (5mm), and a pair of 16″ pink plastic needles in US size 15 (10mm). I also have 10″ straight needles in US size 8, but I’d rather use circular needles.

Nothing in my Ravelry queue fits either size needles. (Well- that’s not entirely true. Both the pattern destined to be Hubby’s hoodie and the pattern for my Cabled Hoodie/Cardigan are knit on size 8s. But the ribbing is knit on 6s (4mm) and 7s (4.5mm) respectively.) I cannot magic loop any socks (or sleeves) on such a short cord. Nor can I vertically knit a scarf on a 16″ cord.

So, I either need to buy a US size 6 or size 7 circular bamboo needle in 40″ length, so I can start the ribbing for either hoodie, OR I need to buy a 32″/ US size 10 (6mm) circular bamboo needle to work a charity scarf.

I’m leaning toward the later, and I’ll tell you why. Your gauge changes depending on the medium you’re working with. And that is not just yarn- that is needles, too. So while I get 4.25 stitches per inch on metal needles- I may only get 4 stitches per inch on bamboo. And as soon as I’m out of the hockey game- you better believe I’m switching to metal. Speed is crucial on long-haul items like sweaters and blankets. But the US size 10s would work just fine for a charity scarf.

So.  I think I will get those size 10s, and bring the size 8s for backup. (In case I get bored and need to switch.  It happens sometimes.)

Now.  Do I wing it, or have a simple pattern?