First off- I finished my washcloth set:

They are all relatively the same size, despite the picture discrepancy.  I still need to block them (or just use them). They will look better after they are blocked (or used). I know there are people who like working with Paton’s Grace, but it is not a yarn I like. Even the Trekkie washcloth I made with Sugar ‘N Creme was better (IMO) than the Paton’s Grace. We’ll see, as far as how I like using them.

WIP Monday

1. Hubby’s socks

I did not work on these last week. I need to just set a day and get them finished. I may do that this coming Saturday.

2. Dad’s Blanket
I am on Row 8 of the chart (32 rows total). I would take a picture, but it’s all bunched up on the needles, so all you’ll really see is a blue mass. I will take a picture once I get about midway through the ship. This way you might be able to see at least the bottom of the ship, and the yellow sails will at least provide a contrast to look at.

I have also pledged to knit 25,740 stitches this month (this is the amount of stitches I have left on the blanket), as a part of NaKNITMo.  That’s right- National KNITTING Month.  I did it, so I’d be sure to knit this month, and not let writing completely take over my life.  I’m not going to restrict it just to the blanket, though.  As long as I reach my goal (no matter what I’m knitting on)- I’ll be happy.

3. DC Frankenmonster MKAL
Yeah- I did not make the Halloween deadline for this one, but I still love the idea, so I WILL be finishing it sometime in November.

If I get a chance this month- I will also cast on the sleeves for my cable hoodie/sweater/cardigan thingy. I just can’t wait, and I think sleeves would be a portable compromise.

Word Count Monday

Yesterday was the first day of NaNo! And I’m off to a decent start at 1,703 words!

(For the record- your word count should be at least 1,667 words a day. As long as you consistently write 1,667 words a day- you will hit 50,000 by November 30th.)

So by next Monday, I should be above 13,336 words.