I never win.

I was making a scarf for the daughter of a friend at work.
I thought I would have JUST ENOUGH YARN.

I was wrong.
I’m 2 1/2 rows and a bind off short.

So now I will have to do two things I hate doing.
1. Buy pink yarn. (Pink is my least favorite color, and while I will knit it up for someone else – I just hate buying it.)

2. Take the whole WIP scarf into the store and play ‘match that yarn’. The yarn I was using was donated, and while I’m 100% sure it is acrylic yarn (it just has that feel), I’m only 60% sure of the brand. I think it is Red Heart, so I will need to bring the scarf for color and softness verification.


In other news: I have restarted my dad’s blanket.  I’m just going to take the guesswork out of it and do another Mitred Square Blanket.  When in doubt- mitre it!