Day 9: What’s In Your Bag/Wallet

What ISN’T in my bag would probably be an easier question! 🙂

Let’s see… in my “wallet” I keep my ID and money, a few bandages (my Hubby seems to cut himself a lot), some moist towelettes, a necklace from my Grandmother, a pair of folded scissors, several finishing needles, a few stitch markers, and when I remember- some bacterial ointment like Neosporin. (I say “wallet”, because it’s actually a mini-camera bag. One of those little backpack-looking things.)

In my BAG, I keep a notebook, several different pens, my crochet hook collection, some mints, a little clear makeup bag full of flash drives and USB adaptors, my phone charger, a leather envelope for my ADDI knitting needles, and usually several knitting projects.