We are live!

Atlantis Yarns on Etsy


It took longer than I thought.  And I still need to add Zombie Rainbow, Unicorn Intestines, Harvest Time, Camouflage, Seafoam, IDK, and Orange Powdered Drink.

But- I didn’t want to keep you in suspense ANY LONGER!


AND we have winners!


There were 14 people who joined the mailing list (THANK YOU!!!), and a LOT of bounces (so check the email address you gave).  So I plan to send out the first email for Atlantis Yarns tomorrow!

Meanwhile- two of you will receive an email from me TODAY, regarding that free skein of yarn.  Congratulations to persons 6 and 13 (yes- these are real people)!


(And once I send those winner emails- I will update the yarn page on Ravelry.)