Okay. So it is usually midweek that I update the blog on my WIPs.
However- I think I’m going to move that to Mondays. Most of my progress is usually done on the weekends, so that makes a more impressive start to the week.

However- I will provide a mini update.

I STILL haven’t finished the Rib-A-Roni hat. I really need to just sit down and do it. I’m two hours (three hours max) away from finishing it, and I just keep plodding along on the FIL mitred square blanket.

So that is my homework. Finish the hat. I expect to have it finished by the next OFFICIAL WIP post.

I also (in organizing my stash) found another WIP on needles I forgot I even owned. Pretty sure they’re size 8 circular pink Boyle needles. That’s my favorite size. Not my favorite needles, but then- I have been completely spoiled by my Addis and Kollages. (I want to try the Signature Stiletto needles, but they are sooo expensive!) It’s a Weasley Sweater. Using Red Heart Soft yarn. (It’s funny how I know that brand just by look. Don’t need a label for those!) Again- not a problem, but I think I will rip it out, relax the yarn, and start over. I want to add faux seams and shaping, so it’s not just an over-sized frumpy-looking tube. So I’m not exactly counting this as a WIP, because I will not be restarting it for awhile. At least not until June. I have plans for things to come before it.

I still haven’t found my missing 11’s. That means I have rogue yarn somewhere. I never leave needles unstored without having yarn nearby. And at that size- it has to be a blanket I forgot about starting. Hmm…