What I am currently reading:

1. Needful Things by Stephen King

I have read this one before, and decided to revisit it.

2. Escape To Witch Mountain by Alexander Key

It’s one of my favorite Disney movies. I just never knew it was based on a book. The second movie is as well.

Yes, that’s right- I’m actually reading two books at once. Needful things is an audiobook, and Escape to Witch Mountain is an ebook. I’m pretty sure they activate different sections of the brain, so I can jump from one to the other with minimal to no confusion.

What I just finished reading:

The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

There’s one more book and I finish this series.  I’m actually looking forward to starting his Egyptian or Norse series.  I actually know far less about Egyptian and Norse mythology, than I do about Greek and Roman; so it’ll be new and fresh.

What I plan to read next (which is subject to change):

Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster