I had a friend, named Tony. He was also a member of my church.  He died (rather unexpectedly) on August 25th this year.  The first thing I remember thinking when I heard the news of his passing, is that I would never get a hug from him again. He gave great hugs.

Last year… I think it was around October… Tony asked me to knit a blanket for him and his wife, Angela. He didn’t care about colors or pattern- he just wanted her to have something handmade, that they could cherish. No deadline.

I’ve started (and discarded) a few ideas since last October, but none seemed right. Now- it’s on my heart to complete this blanket for Angela before Christmas. I just want her to have the blanket that Tony wanted her to have. Maybe it could even be a sort of Tony hug.

I have three contenders:

1. Pemberley Blanket

2. Newborg Blanket

3. Bjorklunden

I’m leaning toward the Pemberley Blanket, although there may be some trial and error on the color. I have no idea what color(s) it should be. Maybe a Cream/Hunter or Brindle/Hunter combo… Whatever I decide- it means I’ll need to buy more yarn. I have no solid colored bulky yarn.